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Can I purchase website template and do it myself?

October 4th, 2013 | admin | Tags:

Every once in a while, people ask me if they can purchase a website template for about $40 and  build  their website themselves.  Sure, its possible, but unless you have the necessary experience, skills and patience you may find it very challenging.

Reasons why you don’t want to purchase a website template and create a website yourself

Beyond just spending $40 or so, you need to register a domain, and you need to host the domain somewhere.  You need to know about PHP, the programming language commonly used by most Contact Management Systems (CMS).  When you purchase a website template, don’t expect it to install just the way it looks in the demo.  In fact, it rarely looks anything like the demo! Ideally, I wish it got out of the box just like I see it in the demo, and I just have to type my text over it.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of building and customization required.

You should also remember that the images in the demo template are for demonstration purposes only, and they don’t come with the website template.  You have to purchase your own stock imagery (or provide your own photos if you are an avid photographer).

There is also a wealth of knowledge required to make the website searchable by search engines on the Internet, called SEO, Search Engine Optimization, if you want your website to be found.

Don’t believe your friend who says that he or she just purchased a website template online and built a website themselves in a couple of days.  We tried it, only to discover that there are programming and HTML skills required.  Even with the user-friendly CMS like WordPress, you have to know WordPress well enough to configure things, set up the website, and upload images and posts.

Once your website is up and running, however, yes, you can create posts and publish updates.  Macy Web Solutions provides training and support to our customers, so if you stumble, give us a shout!