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Do I need a website redesign?

December 11th, 2013 | admin | Tags:

website redesign

Things are changing rapidly in the world of internet technology. If you are like many other business owners, who have had a company website for number of years, you are probably wondering whether it is time for a website redesign.

Are you missing out on the internet presence because your website is out of date?

The best way to decide whether your website needs an update is to evaluate it compared to the competition. Check the websites of other companies that offer similar services that you do, and see what you like or dislike about them, as well as about your own website.

Do I need a website redesign?

Here are 12 questions to help you decide on how competitive your website is in today’s internet world.

1.  Do you like the look of your website? If you do not like the look and colors of your website, neither probably do your website visitors.

2.  Is the information on the website well organized? You probably know your way around your site, but if you were the first time visitor to your site, do you think the information would be easy to find?

3.  Is the information current? Review the contents of your website and see if any information is no longer applicable.

4.  Can you easily make small changes to your website without asking the web designer for help? CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress is relatively easy to use and allows site owners to make simple website updates with proper training.

5.  Are the pictures of professional quality? Remember that your competition is probably using the high quality resolution images, and professional graphics.

6.  Can the website visitors find you easily? Is the Contact information clearly displayed, as well as the address, maps, and Contact Us form?

7.  Is everything working? Click on the links to ensure they take you to the appropriate pages.

8.  Are you selling anything through your website? If your competition offers online sales, does your website have an eCommerce module?

9.  Is your website responsive? As this day and age, most users are accessing internet through their mobile devices. Responsive websites are those that easily re-size to fit the screen of mobile devices, such as tablets or cell phones.

10.  Does your website have social integration? If your competition has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons on their websites, they easily connect with their customers and maintain relationship with them through social media.

11.  Do you have a blog? A blog is a great way to regularly update the website contents, which is good for SEO. It also keeps visitors coming back for more information. When your blog posts show up in internet searches, they bring additional traffic to your website.

12.  Is your website optimized for search engines? On-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes setting keywords, adding picture tags, as well as many other tweaks your website designer can make to help bring your site on top of internet searches.

Use this tool for a free website assessment.

Sometimes it is easier to have a complete website redesign, and move it to the whole new responsive template, instead of applying small patches to the existing old website. 

If internet presence is essential for your business, do not hesitate to contact Macy Web Solutions for an assessment of your website to help you stay on top of the competition! We can help you with the site upgrade, whether is a simple update, or a complete website redesign!