About Us

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About Us


Our office is located in Toronto, which is one of the largest software and business hubs in North America.  While most of our clients are local, we have developed websites for customers around the world.  Modern technology makes it easy to discuss requirements and hold meetings over the phone, Skype, or by email.  Contact us to further discuss your website requirements.

Lena Wolf, MBA, MEd, PMP

Lena founded Macy Web Solutions with a strong background in education, marketing, sales, IT, and banking.  After working for corporate Canadian and US companies for many years in various marketing and IT project management roles, she decided to go back to where she started her career at, when she was an adviser for entrepreneurs at a Small Business Development Center in Ohio.   Lena enjoys consulting with her clients and sharing her knowledge and perspectives on how to optimize their business solutions while staying within budget.  Lena is also a blogger, and has a few websites of her own.

Our Team

We have a team of talented developers, designers, and SEO specialists who are bringing the best of their skills to fit any of our clients’ needs.